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R-Business intelligence offers BI and technology consulting with industry experience in broadcast media, online marketing, telecommunications, eDiscovery, renewable energy, and construction. We specialize in all things data, software development, experimental R&D, web scraping, process automation, and reporting.


You have data - but what does it tell you? Let us help you discover, interpret, predict and more importantly - communicate complex data to stakeholders in a way they can understand. We can help you create compelling presentations that turn your data into something business opportunities or investors will act on.

ETL & Data Integration

Designing reports and visualizations is where you want to be - if only you could get the data to talk to each other! Let us handle your complex data integrations and design packages that can automatically Extract, Transform, & Load (ETL) your data into a usable format.

Database Development

To build your business you need to start with a good foundation. R-BI can design a data solution that will scale with your business and not become something you have to replace as soon as it's working.

Business Intelligence

The foundation of our business. Business Intelligence (BI) leverages software and techniques to transform your data into actionable insights. At R-BI we specialize in creating custom dashboards, graphs, KPI's, maps, and charts to give you a proactive view into your business.

Company Training

Does you business need a specialized skill but you'd rather not hire a new employee? From simple Excel tutorials to advanced programming lessons we can train your in-house staff to gain the additional skills needed to support your growing business.


A good reporting solution doesn't require constant monitoring. We can automate your reports so you can spend time reviewing the numbers not collecting them. Need a one-off that doesn't need automation? Contact us for a free consolation.

Spatial Analysis

At R-BI geospatial is a principle not a platform. Whether you need real-time mapping for a crisis center, dashboards to present financials, or to fly around your analytics world in 4K video - we can create your data story. View sample maps and videos by signing up for our Sample Data subscription in the R-BI data warehouse.

Data Mining

The internet is filled with rich data sources that can help your business make informed real-world decisions. R-BI can design a web scraping solution or automatically collect data from a variety of platforms to create the data source you need. We can even automate desktop software to collect old data before systems migration.

Computer Programming








Azure Kinect


Anything Data

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